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Sucess Stories and Testimonials

Sue Torrance

Tasty Indulgences -Premium fresh and frozen, convenient GLUTEN FREE meals, soups, and desserts, with a focus on nutrition and comfort foods.

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Theo Graham

Songwood Contracting is a full service Home Contractor offering a wide range of customizable services to fit all of our customers’ needs.

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Melissa Denny

Peak Performance Training & Nutrition offers one-on-one, partner and group training for all fitness levels, specializing in those who want fat loss, muscle gain, mobility and flexibility improvements.

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Karen Quigley

Saltastic is the only Salt Therapy facility in the Kemptville, Ottawa and surrounding areas that features 3 salt rooms. Saltastic's aim is to share life-changing benefits with dry salt therapy treatments, with other adults and children who are desperately searching for an all-natural alternative treatment for respiratory issues.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Greatly appreciate everything that Wendy and Jeanette of the Leeds and Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre have been done to assist me. Their expertise, guidance and support has assisted me in getting my business up and running. They are very knowledgeable and have provided me with many referrals to numerous individuals and businesses that have added to the success of my business. Thanks for your support and assistance! If you are considering opening a business, I would highly recommend contacting the LGSBEC.

Jeanette and Wendy are the best team. If you are interested in growing a business that you are passionate about then you must start here.

This group turns ideas into life long adventures and businesses that thrive and grow the community.

4Life Fitness

Approximately 6 years ago, after 13 years in business as a jeweller with my husband, I became aware of the SBEC. I realised that our business was stagnant and we desperately needed some help and the SBEC was the key to opening the door to our success.

Through the SBEC, we had many hours of working with business coaches, doing workshops, and participating in group training sessions. I feel that we have now “matured”, to have a better understanding of what it is to be an entrepreneur and not to shy away from opportunities/challenges as they present.

The SBEC continues to be sensitive to the needs of local entrepreneurs. Growing with us. Helping us to be well equipped to meet future needs and challenges that face us.

I can honestly say, that we wouldn’t be realising our current growth of business if it wasn’t for the SBEC and their constant support. For this I am truly thankful.

If you have that nagging idea for a business you’ve always wanted to do, look no further than LGSBEC! Meet with Jeanette Johnston and Wendy Onstein and you’re good to go. They have been so awesome in helping my business get off the ground. From registering your business to helping you finish the all-important business plan (with amazing direction from Karen Mcdonald), coaching with Kevin Savoy (limbic brain and sales funnels!) and mentoring your business every step of the way, LGSBEC and the amazing Starter Company Plus program have been excellent. Oh, and did I mention there’s a grant? I am amazed and thankful that we have such wonderful resources available to new business owners. Bravo to everyone at LGSBEC!

Yona Harvey
Lansdowne, ON

With the SBEC’s services I have been able to benefit from coaches that are masters in their field. The training and knowledge that I have received has been priceless, but affordable. The coaches are professional, dedicated and motivational. I would highly recommend the services offered by the SBEC to other entrepreneurs who aim to succeed.

Terry-Ann Hare, Owner
Beauty Inside Spa