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Our Team



Jeanette is excited to be the new Manager of the LGSBC. Jeanette held the position of Business Development Coordinator for 6 years. She has a long history in Small Business starting out as a young adult in the insurance business and eventually having shares in the brokerage. After retiring from the insurance industry at the ripe old age of 30 Jeanette went on to own two businesses over the course of 13 years. Jeanette has also supported her husband‘s small business endeavors since 1998. With a passion for smart marketing and connecting people in the community Jeanette loves her new role at the Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre.

Jeanette can be reached at 613-342-0040 x 4470 or jeanette@lgsmallbusiness.com



Carol brings over 20 years of small business experience to the team ranging from operating several home based businesses, mentoring home business operators and working as a partner in her husband’s company. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses to success. Carol is a lifelong learner and actively pursues opportunities to increase her skillset and participate in business development and personal growth.

Carol can be reached at 613-342-0040 x 4471 or carol@lgsmallbusiness.com





Arlene brings to the table a very diverse background of skill sets which adds to her zest and flare for small business of which she strongly advocates for in her own community.  She has been an entrepreneur for over 28 years, and is also an educator and a coach.  Her passion for small business shines brightly in her classrooms where she shares her knowledge with her students. She is a strong advocate for Small Business supporting Small Business and is often seen in the Leeds and Grenville Area participating in many events.

Arlene can be reached at 613-342-0040 x 4432 or arlene@lgsmallbusiness.com