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A real confidence booster.

Melissa Denny had never run her own business before.

“I was at Goodlife Fitness – and it was closing. I knew where I didn’t want to go. I wanted to do my own thing – there’re lots of restrictions when you have a boss – and I didn’t want that anymore. I needed to go out on my own…”

She Googled ‘small business help’ and the Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre (LGSBC) were the first ones to pop up.

She set up an appointment and met the two dynamos behind LGSBC, Wendy Onstein and Jeanette Johnston. They let her know about the Small Business Boot Camp, within the Starter Company Plus program.

“I got into the program – and it just steamrolled from there,” Melissa recalls. “I like the freedom of running a business. I am not a numbers person, but they showed me how to use spreadsheets – I still use them. The things you learn in the first few weeks of that boot camp are invaluable.”

With help and guidance from Wendy and Jeanette, Melissa was able to put a business plan together, purchase an historic old building in downtown Brockville and open her business, Peak Performance Training & Nutrition.

In 2019 she was recognized as an LG Approved Rookie of the Year, and by that fall, won the Ben TeKamp Memorial Award at the Awards of Excellence Gala hosted by the Brockville Chamber of Commerce.

“What can I say about Wendy and Jeanette? – the connection with the two of them is invaluable. They have so much passion. They complement one another. Talk about a real confidence booster. I felt so much more prepared just knowing I had them in my corner. They’re there to see you succeed.”

Peak Performance Training & Nutrition offers one-on-one, partner and group training for all fitness levels, specializing in those who want fat loss, muscle gain, mobility and flexibility improvements. Group classes are limited to ensure direct attention to each and every one of our participants for safety and effectiveness. Both membership types allow for unlimited boot camp attendance as well as open gym access.

Melissa Denny, Owner
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STARTER COMPANY PLUS is designed to help enterprising people who want to start or expand a business in their community.

The program provides training, advice and
mentorship from local business leaders to help get their business up and running, and start-up money to kick off a new – or expand a current business.