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Leadercast: Powered by Purpose

May 5th 2017 12:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Centennial Road Church

Leadercast 2017

Theme:  Powered by Purpose

What is the Leadercast?

This live-broadcast professional and leadership development event is full of nationally-recognized authors, business leaders, and inspirational personalities.  It provides hundreds of area business professionals, from CEOs to mid-management, from public service to entrepreneurs, the opportunity to hear from a multitude of popular speakers in one day without the inconvenience and cost of travel.

  • This year’s speakers include leadership expert Andy Stanley – Leadership Author and Communicator, Daniel Pink – Behavioral Science Expert and Best Selling Author, Suzy Welch – Author & TV Commentator and Business Journalist, Molly Fletcher – Top Sports Agent and Author and many more.
  • The event is scheduled from 8:30am – 4:30pm on Friday, May 5, 2017, at Centennial Road Church.  A superb venue featuring state of the art sound audio and visual technology.

What are your opportunities?

Brockville and the surrounding community needs leaders like you taking time to energize, learn, and be inspired.  Over the past six years, over 1500 people have set aside the Leadercast day to grow in their leadership.  For tickets, please visit our Facebook Page and use the Shop Now button that directly links you to the EVENT page at SNAP’D 1000 Islands.



If you attend on your own, you will walk away wishing you had brought more people from your team.  Find your managers, leaders, developing leaders, and influencers and bring them.



Be a promoter of leadership, community, and Brockville through sponsoring this conference.  Sponsorship help keep ticket prices low to enable students, Millennial leaders, and others to attend.  Call Wendy Onstein to learn more about Sponsorship 613-342-8772 x4470.



Ticket Questions or assistance ordering contact Andrew Cole  a.cole@colesolutions.ca

Sponsorship Questions contact Wendy Onstein at wendy@lgsbec.com
General Questions contact Shelli Warren at warrenshelli@gmail.com