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Online Business Plan and Cash Flow BootCamp 

Do you want to start a business?

Are you currently working full time or part time in a job and have a vision of being self-employed someday?

Do you need a business plan in order get funding from a bank or other lender?

Do you need to get your ideas for your business down on paper so that they are organized and achievable?

Do you enjoy working independently?

This program might be for you! Read more!


To provide individuals an opportunity to create a business plan and cash flow independently using a structured, proven process.

To provide an alternative to individuals who may not be eligible for other programing at this point in time. For example, you may still be working at a job; you are an equal partner in your business or you may not enjoy a group environment and like to work independently.


The online business plan bootcamp is a guided approach to completing a business plan and takes approximately 10 hours to complete, in total. The LGSBC will provide you with access to this on line tool that will guide you to create your very own business plan and 2 year cash flow. Included with the online tool is one hour of consulting from Karen McDonald-Hurley of Opportunity Group and support from the LGSBC team.

This product has a $1100.00 value and is free if business plan is completed by agreed upon time frame.


  • Business idea must be viable
  • The participant must be dependable and focused
  • The participants must be committed to completing the process to move their business forward.

Fee for Service

$0.00 if completed within 5 week time frame.

$1100.00 if not completed within 5 week time frame

Confidentiality: Only the team at the LGSBC will have access to your business plan so that we can track your progress. Karen McDonald-Hurley will also see your plan at the end in order to provide 1 hour of free coaching and feedback around your plan.

To learn more and for us to learn more about you – request a consultation below!


The Leeds and Grenville Small Business Boot Camp really helped me get a clear picture of what I wanted to accomplish with my new business. They were extremely helpful and their expertise was extremely beneficial. The Online Bootcamp was very easy to use and understand. It guides you along the way and makes you think of details you need for your business plan. They are always available with any help you may require along the way. I am a bit hesitant with asking for help, as I like to do things on my own, but I am very grateful I sought their assistance in this case.

Ron Grootjans

BeeToo Honey Farm